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Although there are many non-invasive, simple non-surgical treatments to keep the face looking young, facelifts are a definitive and dramatic way to “turn back the clock.” Thinning, wrinkled, loose skin (especially when it creates a sagging look), jowls, and heavy skin along the jawline and neck are best treated by a facial surgery. A facelift can restore a youthful, vibrant appearance that can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel.

Facelift Consultation

Before choosing from your options for face lift surgery, you will have a private, in-depth consultation with Dr. Back, who has earned a reputation as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. After an examination, he will review with you everything you want and need to know, and together you will discuss your goals and his recommendations. All the details of the procedure will be reviewed, and you will also have ample time for questions. ‘Before & After’ photos of our previous patients’ results are available to help new patients visualize the options available to them.

Facelift Procedure

A facelift is often combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures at the same time (such as neck lift, laser skin resurfacing, eyelid lift, neck liposuction, or fat injection/sculpting for the cheeks or lips). This outpatient procedure usually takes about 2 hours to complete. All incisions are hidden in the natural folds and creases in and around the ear where it attaches to the side. Invisible (see-through) absorbable stitches are used to tighten and lift after the extra skin and fat has been removed.

Facelift Recovery

Swelling and bruising are usually a lot less than most people expect, but can last about a week. A special band worn during that time will minimize these issues and help support the lifted and rejuvenated facial skin. Most patients will feel they are ready for most social encounters in 1-2 weeks. Pain is usually minimal. The scars are typically very hard to see or find. The goal of a high quality face lift is a younger, rejuvenated and happier version of you – but you still look like you!

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If you are interested in a Facelift in Cherry Hill and want to know more about the procedure, call (856) 751-7550 or click here to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Back today.

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